Solange Almeida vai de Tiago Iorc a Gusttavo Lima no primeiro DVD solo

A great success of the fourth studio album by Tiago Iorc, Troco likes (2015), the song Amei te verintegra the repertoire of the first solo work of the singer Solange Almeida in live recording that joins the former vocalist of the Cearense group Airplanes of the Forró with the Own Iorc.

In addition to Iorc, Solange sings with Gusttavo Lima (in music Sincerely), Iorc is one of the guests of the DVD and live CD Sentimiento de Mujer, scheduled to be released next Friday, June 23, Ivete Sangalo (in Revoltada, composition that Leveraged the career of MC Dadá Boladão in 2016) and Joelma (in the track Man is everything alike). Anitta, Claudia Leitte, Eduardo Lages, Fábio de Mello and Xand Avião are also part of the great cast of guests of Sentimento de Mulher.


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